LA, thus far.

I made it to LA.

It is chilly here in the shade, but kinda warm in the sun.

My body is cold but my soul is warm.

My friends & friends of friends here understand what community

& the body of Christ really looks like.


I went to Beckee’s Community Group last night.

We split up into prayer groups and the guy I’m staying with,

Catlin (pronounced CAT-LIN, no KATE-LYNN), asked me what

I needed prayer for & I discovered something about myself.

Every time I end up in LA, I feel rested, rejuvenated, like everything

Is going to be alright, which is incredibly ironic due the to rampant,

Chaotic LA lifestyle. You would think that a slow, step-by-step, contemplative

Portland boy who gets stressed out amongst a lot of people would hate it here.

But LA feels right to me. I told him that I don’t know if this is a place where the

Lord is pulling me or if it is just a place where He sends me to retreat.

I’m praying-pondering-dwelling on it.


On Monday, I leave for Sydney.

On Monday, I will meet the people that I will

Be spending my next 4 months with.

On Monday, I will begin the adventure of a

Lifetime. The adventure that will be referenced

For the rest of my life.



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