Wow so much updating to do!

Well first of all, I’ve made it here safe & I’ve been here for 4 days now & so much has happened!

Our flight was 14 hours, but it was not as bad as I expected. The plane was rather luxurious & comfortable. Apparently I fell asleep for about 5 hours; that was a nice little surprise. One of our flight attendants talked to us for about 30 minutes and he was hilarious! He told us that he graduated from Wesley Institute (the school where we’re studying) and he told us all of the hotspots in Sydney.

We arrived in Sydney around 8:30 am on Wednesday morning & the weather was gloomy & drizzly. Very anticlimatic & disappointed. We were greeted by our wonderful team leaders & were shuffled onto a bus to head to campus right away. The bus ride from the airport to campus was kind of a blur. Our team leaders & fellow Wesley students were incredibly excited to meet & talk to us, but unfortunately we were so exhausted that our reaction was rather underwhelming.

We reached campus and I was pleasantly surprised by its charm. It wasn’t at all as small or “dodgy” (Australian for sketchy or ghetto) as our flight attendant made it out to be. It is in an old high school, but made of all brick & quite lovely. We went straight into orientation classes. Trying to sit through hours of “how the school runs”, “what to do & not do in AUS”, & “how to navigate the transit system” is incredibly difficult when you’ve been awake for about 36 hours. But the wonderful thing about the schedule (& Aussie culture in general) is that they made sure that we never went hungry. Their meal schedule here really helps keep my stomache at a constant state of satisfaction.

Breakfast (i.e. eggs, potatoes, pancakes, etc.)

Morning Tea (i.e. juice, snack bars, yogurt, maybe tea)

Lunch (i.e. sandwich, juice, chicken, potatoes)

Afternoon Tea (i.e. biscuits [which are cookies], donuts, fruit)

Dinner (i.e. meat pie, chicken, kebabs, salad)

Supper (i.e. biscuits, ice cream, crackers, fruit)

Some time around 1 in the afternoon, the beautiful Aussie sun came out and it was about 24°C (about 85°). Finally! That is what I was looking for! But the Australian sun is a bit more scorching than the American sun, but wonderful nonetheless. After the sun came out & we sat through more orientation, we were hearded off to our new homes. Kimberly, our director, drove me, Paul & Lainey to the Flo Harris Lodge which would be our new home for the next 4 months…




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2 responses to “Here.

  1. Erik Naydiuk

    glad for you

  2. Neila Swor

    So good to hear from you and I’ve loved reading all your entries. You bless my heart as you express your heart about the Lord and HIS blessings and words to you. We keep you in our prayers everyday. I printed out you blog entries and sent them to your Dad. I started to read them to him over the phone and he got really choaked up so I sent them to him. We miss you but know you’re right where the Lord wants you. The trip home with a stop in LA is also in our prayers; God’s best for you will be known by then. Love you bunches, Grandma & Grandpa Swor

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