bitchin’ cheese cutter, mate

Who knew that there would be a language barrier here?

The first words (my now friend) Johnny said to me was, “Bitchin’ cheese-cutter”…”I beg your pardon…”…”Bitchin’ cheese-cutter”…”uh…”…”Your hat. It’s cool”.

Johnny is from New Zealand so apparently that isn’t an Aussie norm, but that is a good example of the miscommunication I often find myself in. I ask for ketchup & the waitress looks at me like I’m a damned fool. I have to ask for “Tomato Sauce” or “Dead Horse” (yeah, what the hell? right? I don’t know where that one came from & I’m afraid to ask). The bathroom is the “toilet” & the garbage can is the “bin”.

Possibly my favorite aspect of the Aussie slang is how they shorten everything and add an “ie” or “y”. It reminds me of my dear, dear friends Erik, Natalie & Beckee. Sunglasses are “sunnies”. Surfer is a “surfie”. Can of beer or soda is a “tinny”. So on & so forth.

Here are some more entertaining slang:

“fortnightly” = biweekly

“fair dinkum” = “you’ve gotta be kidding!” or “I can’t believe it!” or “no way!”

“bum bag” = fanny pack (we can’t say “fanny” because it is a rude term for a girl’s “nether regions”.)

“singlet” = tank top

“hot chips” = french fries

“petrol”= gas

“bloke” = guy or man

“arvo” = afternoon…I had a guy tell me that our meeting would be either “arvo or evening”.

“chook” = chicken

“lollies” = candies

“footy” = Australian Football (AFL)

“op shop” = thrift or second hand store


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  1. Brian

    Man that sounds great dude looking forward to head down asap!

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