I have thought a lot about Buzz’s catchphrase “To infinity and beyond…”

Powerful words, Mr. Lightyear. I often wonder and wonder where “infinity and beyond” might be.


And my conclusion?

Well I don’t really have one, but I have a nice theory.

“Infinity and beyond” is wherever you feel most free.

Where your “Yes” can be “Yes, where your “No” can be “No” and no one can tell you otherwise.

“Infinity and beyond” is an ecsape.

Where you can dance your silly dance and sing out of tune.

Where your fox friends and deer friends and giraffe friends greet you.

“Infinity and beyond” is when you are swinging and you are as high as can be.

When you hear a song that shouldn’t make you cry but it does.

When you create a fort out of sheets and sticks.

“Infinity and beyond” is your own words.

Free of grammar.

Free of critique.

Free of judgment.

Free of business.


Welcome to my “Infinity and beyond”.

Now, go find yours.


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